About Us

There is no true recipe to parenting, you have to add in your own unique zest based on your own child and family in order to make something really sweet.

Head to our contact/consultation page to schedule your free consultation with a behavior specialist.

At Recipe for Parenting, our Child Behavior Experts help make your life as a parent easier. We are a research-based and creative company that focuses on the developing mind and body of your child (and your entire family).

Each family is unique so we help you come up with your own unique recipe to keep your world functioning smoothly. We are here for you whether you are struggling with a specific behavior or just want to learn more about your rapidly developing child.


All of our experts are highly trained and educated on child development, psychology and behavior. We aim to share our extensive knowledge on early childhood to those who have little ones at home. We can do one-on-one mentoring via phone, Skype or in-person as well as conduct group courses for those with similar needs. We also have eBooks on specific topics that get released periodically so make sure to subscribe to see new releases (you won’t get spammed with a bunch of emails, we promise).


Do you have specific concerns or questions on your child’s development and/or behavior? Email us with a brief summary of your situation and worries and a Child Behavior Expert will get back to you a soon as possible.

You can email us directly at recipeforparenting@gmail.com

We are a new company and still developing our website so make sure to subscribe for updates and new posts.

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