Affordable Fall Clothes for Girls: Amazon makes school shopping easier.

Are you one of those people who hate going to the mall or shopping center during the back to school rush? I know I am. Or, maybe you are just too busy (because kids…duh) to spend a day getting your kids prepped for the fall season. Here at Recipe for Parenting we have made an amazon wish list of affordable and fashionable children’s clothes. Shop for your kid without leaving the house or breaking the bank! (click each image to shop).

  1. This super cute girls twist knot long sleeve by Blibea. You can pair this top with jeans or with some comfy leggings. It comes in a lot of different colors! $16.99 with free prime shipping!

2. These super funky and fun girls leggings! (They have more simple patterns if your child doesn’t like the patterns). They are only $16.99 for a pack of three with free prime shipping!

3. We all need the classic plaid vest for fall! This super cute plaid vest comes in multiple colors. It’s only $20.88 with free shipping! Click the picture to see more color options.

4. We can’t forget about jean jackets! Jean is making a huge comeback and is essential for fall fashion. The plain jean jacket from the Children’s place is on sale right now on Amazon for $15.56. The cute decorative one below is only $21.09. Click the picture to see both of them, as well as some other options too!

5. Long Sleeve dresses are cute, comfy and in style! Pastel by Vivienne sells them for $19.99 on amazon and they come in A LOT of colors.

6. If you don’t feel like breaking the bank at The North Face, this 3-in-1 versatile jacket from Mountain Warehouse is a great option! You can remove the shell and wear it in different climates (hence all year if your kid doesn’t grow too much!). You can click the picture for more colors. Amazon has it listed at $44.99.

7. These cozy fall sweaters are also a must! Kids Nation has a good reputation and sells their nice sweaters on amazon for $24.99. Click the image to see of their options!

8. BOOTS! Boots on boots on boots. Amazon sells these super cute boots for only $19.99. And, of course, they have tons of choices!

Boys fall fashion coming soon. Subscribe below to get notified!

Published by Maggie Stephens, MS

Hi, I'm Maggie! I have been working in the child behavior field for over 8 years. I have bachelor degree in Early Childhood Development and Educations as well as a Masters degree in psychology. I am passionate about children and their developing minds and wanting to spread the knowledge in an enjoyable way. Don't hesitate to reach out to me at Follow my personal instagram at @magstephens to get to know me better!

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